spring asthenia

What is spring asthenia and how to fight it with healthy habits

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If at the beginning of spring you feel more tired than usual, lack the strength to perform daily activities or find it difficult to maintain a normal rhythm of life, you are probably suffering from a spring asthenia. Do you want to know how to fight it? We tell you!

spring asthenia

What is spring asthenia?

With the farewell of winter and the arrival of spring, a certain part of the population may suffer fatigue or asthenia. This common feeling can appear along with other manifestations such as sadness and loss of appetite, among others. But do not worry! In any case, this symptomatology is always mild and temporary and usually lasts around 3 average weeks.

La spring asthenia it has its origin in the hypothalamus, a gland located in the brain which regulates, among other things, the temperature thirst, appetite, dream and vigil. This gland is altered with the change of time and weather especially, hence it is affected at the arrival of a new station.

The asthenia is not a psychological disorder, as you can falsely believe, but yes, if your feeling of tiredness or sadness persists over time, you must consult a specialist, because it could be another more serious problem that needs to be treated (stress, anxiety, depression, etc.).

Symptoms of spring asthenia

  • Apathy or loss of appetite.
  • Sadness without apparent cause.
  • Loss of libido or sexual desire.
  • Decreased concentration or memory loss.
  • Irritability or changes in mood.
  • Malaise.
  • Headache.
  • Arterial hypotension.

How to fight it?

Leading a healthy life is the basis for strengthening our body and its defenses, thus preventing external factors from undermining our energy:

  • He wears a balanced and varied diet, enriched in vitamins and minerals. Always bet on the intake of vegetables, fruits and vegetables combined with rice, pasta, legumes and potatoes, without neglecting the foods of animal origin (meat, fish and eggs). Do you know that there are also foods that favor the production of serotonin? Whole grains, olive oil, blue fish, nuts, sunflower seeds and fresh cheeses help to combat apathy.

  • Keep the hydrated body Ingesting about two liters of water a day, infusions and juices of natural fruit, which are delicious above.

  • Try Sleep eight hours daily or those that are necessary to feel rested. Of course, sleeping too much can be counterproductive.

  • Do some kind of moderate exercise at least during 30 minutes a day, because with this practice dopamine and serotonin are released, hormones related to happiness and the feeling of fullness. Physical activity combined with music is a great antidote!

  • He wears a ordered rhythm of life, keeping a fixed schedule to lie down, get up and also to make daily meals.

Avoid or reduce:

  • Coffee intake, as Caffeine and stimulants for a short period of time provide a false sense of vigor and vitality. However, these effects will be declining towards Drowsiness and lack of vitality, because our body will try to compensate the effect produced by caffeine.

  • The industrial bakeryBecause the combination of sugars, saturated fatthe and refined flours usually produce in our body a feeling of decay, fatigue and generalized heaviness, enhancing this lack of energy that produces the spring asthenia.

  • High alcoholic beverages. The excess of alcohol brings a sensation of lethargy and manages to hinder physical and mental agility, in addition, by damaging the cardiovascular system, it also decreases cellular oxygenation, especially the cerebral.

Do you have any doubts about your state of health? Do you think there is something else behind your spring asthenia? Write to us and our team will be happy to assist you.

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If at the beginning of spring you feel more tired than usual, you are probably suffering from spring asthenia. Do you want to know how to fight it?

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