Global posture reeducation

Have you done many rehabilitation sessions and your back pain seems to never stop? Are you always suffering from the spine or by any small effort that you make will you relapse again? A large percentage of the population suffers pain in the spine, being in the industrialized countries the main reason for sick leave.
The School of Back aims to transmit a sanitary learning destined to the population in general, but more specifically to people with back problems or that are prone to suffer them. It is effective for people to make efforts without getting hurt, know what procedure they should follow if this occurs and at the same time reduce the risk of it being prolonged. With the intention of being able to maintain a degree of activity as intense as possible, know the harmful postural habits to be avoided. Using the movements that act in a protective way in the activities of daily life allows to lead a more normal life.

What method do we follow to achieve these results?

Through 1 weekly class during a whole month, this learning is based on:

  • Basic knowledge about the structure and functioning of the spine: It is important that the patient knows what he has, what is the pain and what provokes him, in order to face his pathology and at the same time demystify beliefs (I can not make this gesture because if I do not hurt myself ...).
  • Postural hygiene: There are studies that show that the same posture can increase or decrease the load suffered by the intervertebral disc as it is adopted. For example, when a person remains seated, the load on his or her disc can range between 60% and 140% of the person who suffers while standing, depending on how he or she should sit. Therefore, postural hygiene consists of adopting postures and making movements or efforts in such a way that the load of the spine and the musculature is as low as possible. With this we achieve that the mobility and autonomy of the patients is improved and that healthy subjects have a lower risk of painful crises when the degeneration of the structure decreases.
  • Specific exercises: Most back pain (especially in the lower back), are caused by a weak musculature. A well trained muscular corset supports the spine maintaining its mobility and discharging the vertebral discs, thus preserving its elasticity. At this point we teach which are the exercises that allow to increase the quality of the muscles that are part of the spine, so that the back does not suffer pain and at the same time avoid possible relapses in the future. If we achieve an optimal balance between strength and elasticity we can enjoy a back without pain.

The RPG (Global Postural Recovery), unlike the Back School, it is applied individually analyzing the postural defects of a patient (standing, sitting, at work, ...) that cause an excessive or asymmetric load on the spine, and in front of a mirror is taught to correct them.

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Today, small, medium and large companies have in their ranks workers who develop their daily task, depending on their field of activity, manipulating heavy objects, making repetitive movements or in front of a computer adopting bad postures, being in the majority of cases, positions that are maintained over time. If to this we add the continuous stress in which we live today, we will have in the future a worker who will lower his work performance with the consequent loss for the company, resulting in many cases in a low labor