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Motherhood is my passion, since I was a child I wanted to be a mother and when the time came I perceived that part of my life I wanted to dedicate to helping all those couples who are in difficulties to achieve what for me is the biggest thing in my life.

Mercé Roca Farran
Merce Roca Nutritionist

Treatment to get pregnant

Conceive a [email protected] it is the desire of many couples, an illusion and also something that can become an obsession

Couples who come to consultation, commonly report their difficulties, I quote some of them to see if you feel identified:

  • “My Doctor has told me to forget about getting pregnant, I have a PCOS
  • We tried 2 years ago but there is no way and they say everything is fine
  • I have very irregular periods, they say that my hormones are out of control
  • With this prolactin I will never get pregnant
  • We have already done several FiVs and nothing
  • We get pregnant for at "x" weeks we lose it
  • And a long etcetera….

Increase women's fertility through food

Through feeding, changes in habits and some type of supplementation may regulate menstruation, improve oocyte quality and prepare the endometrium for proper implantation of the ovule. Also to improve the conditions of the sperm that not everything is the amount and movement of these.


How much time do we need?

We need only a few months to assess whether the proposed actions are well directed.

Compatible with other fertility treatments

The recommendations are compatible if you are with any assisted reproduction treatment even recommended to increase the probability of implantation.

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