Novamedicum, collaborates in Sabadell in everything related to Trauma, Physiotherapy y Rehabilitation with the medical insurer or mutual Clinicum for some years. This clinical center consists of a professional medical team trained to assist all the patients of Clinicum.

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Clínicum was born in 1949 from a group of doctors from Catalan society who detected the need to bring quality private medicine to the entire population. At that time, the development of health services was expanding and access to prestigious professionals was reserved for a few.

During the following decades, the company, of family origin, consolidates and continues with the expansion of coverage and health services. This impulse leads, later, to the creation of a Medical Center exclusively dedicated to the personalized attention of all the patients who entrust their health to him daily.

It is in the 70 years that, accompanying the social changes of the time, Clínicum begins its great expansion and incorporates new specialties to provide more and better services to its always growing portfolio. Their roots as a family company are perceived in the human and personal treatment they already offer to the second generation of policyholders.

The new millennium promotes organizational changes with an important commitment to the professionalization of its family business tradition. The great transformation of the social and technological environment presents new opportunities for improvement that align completely with the spirit of the company.

Since its inception, Clínicum has continuously worked to improve the quality of life of all its insured, facing challenges that have allowed it to accompany the evolution of medicine and always offer differentiated coverage. The continuous incorporation of new techniques and innovative solutions for the health needs of its fourth generation of customers is a guarantee of its commitment to quality and efficiency.

Its solidity as a company, its honesty at every step and the humanity demonstrated with each insured are, without a doubt, the essence of Clinicum