Novamedicum, collaborates in Sabadell in everything related to Trauma, Physiotherapy y Rehabilitation with the medical insurer or mutual AXA for some years. This clinical center consists of a professional medical team trained to assist all the patients of AXA.

See our professional medical chart in the section medical equipment.


"Corporate responsability

AXA's activity is based on supporting our clients in adverse situations, or any type of problem that may occur throughout their lives. And at the same time we try to provide security and tranquility when facing new projects. For this, we need to build solid and trusting relationships on a day-to-day basis.

The Corporate Responsibility in AXA is based on demonstrating, through concrete and real actions, our commitment to the stakeholders with which we relate: shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, environment and community.

In this sense, Corporate Responsibility in AXA means contributing to sustainable economic development and the interests of society as a whole, assuming responsibility for the direct and indirect impacts of our activity on each and every one of our stakeholders.

This involves designing real solutions to meet the needs of our customers, manage risks in a professional manner, treat our partners and suppliers fairly and develop a work environment based on trust, diversity and our values: Professionalism, Respect to the given word, team spirit, innovation and realism.

The protection of the environment is another of the key axes of Corporate Responsibility in AXA, as well as support to the local communities in which we operate, and more broadly, the creation of a stronger and more sustainable society. All this is part of the sustainability of the company and, ultimately, of our society.

In the performance of our activity, we have developed knowledge and experience in risk management. By intensifying this knowledge we can improve the control, or at least the management, of the risk. And that is why we promote education and risk research through the AXA Research Fund.

The global financial crisis has shaken the world, making the need for strong and responsible companies even more evident. At AXA we have the conviction that we are on the right path, integrating Corporate Responsibility in each of our daily actions from a global perspective. Only then, with the contribution of each of the AXA employees every day, can we prove that we are a responsible company. "

Jean-Paul Rignault, CEO of AXA Spain.

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