5 Benefits of walking barefoot through the sand

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Those of you who are lucky and live near the beach can take advantage of the benefits of walking barefoot through the sand at the seaside at any time of the year, but the truth is that summer is the stage in which we most often go to the beaches to relax, sunbathe, play sports and take long walks through the sand.

The sand, a natural spa

Taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the sand is one of the most pleasant moments when we arrive at the beach. Walking on this surface brings numerous cardiovascular and circulatory benefits but it is also that sand is one of the best natural scrubs that exist. If we do it by the shore we will add the advantages of sea water.

Wet or dry sand?

The effort and resistance that come into play when we walk barefoot through the sand changes a lot depending on whether it is dry or wet.

Walking on the wet sand of the shore provides more consistency to the tread avoiding the sinking of the foot and greater muscular tension. In addition, greater stability is achieved by reducing the risk of ankle drops or sprains.

But be careful, it is not without risks either. It is important to keep in mind that most of the beaches are not flat, so on the shore there will be a more or less pronounced inclination depending on the characteristics of the place.

When walking along the shore there is an imbalance that our feet will try to correct with the placement of the ankles, tending one out and one inwards.

The important thing is to enjoy the ride while we exercise feeling comfortable and safe.

With respect to dry sand, it is soft and unstable but also implies greater cushioning. It will take more effort to walk on it to maintain balance.

In certain cases it may be advisable one or the other depending on the objective we want to achieve but it is advisable to start walking along the shore.

5 Benefits of walking barefoot through the sand

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1- Strengthens the cardiovascular, nervous and muscular system

He thinks that the feet are from the areas with more nervous connections of our body that are also connected with different parts of it, so walking on the sand is an excellent means to stimulate them.

2- Prevents hypertension and type 2 diabetes

Recent medical studies have shown that walking barefoot on the sand on a regular basis reduces the risk of hypertension and if the pathology is already present, it helps regulate it.

3- Improve depressive symptoms, stress and anxiety

Just walking barefoot through the sand already makes our mind relax and generate endorphins, the hormone of happiness. By doing so at the seashore, the humidity level and low pressure contribute to better oxygenation.

It promotes self-esteem, improves body tension and increases tolerance to stress.

4- Strengthens muscles and joints

Especially those of the feet, ankles, knees and hips directly affecting the back. If we choose to walk with our feet in the water, there is a toning effect at the muscular level.

5- Improves vascular problems

It prevents and reduces varicose veins, edema in the extremities since when we step on wet sand, a contraction is made on the entire sole of the foot that facilitates venous return.

Other tips that we must take into account to get the greatest benefits when we walk barefoot through the sand are:

* The best time to do it

It will be early in the day or late afternoon to avoid solar radiation and the dreaded burns.

*Sunscreen application throughout the exposed foot area

The feet are the great forgotten when applying sunscreen cream, the instep is usually one of the areas with the highest risk of burns, so do not forget to take care of the base of your body. The same goes for the post sun cream, moisturizes the skin of this area just as you do with the others.

* Attentive to the surface

The sand where you walk can be full of objects, stones, crystals, holes, etc., with which you can injure yourself, so going to the surface will be your best ally.

* Feel and relax

The objective of the walk is to relax, feel and let yourself flow with nature, but taking the appropriate precautions.

Walking barefoot on the sand is a beneficial activity in general but each case is unique and it is likely that there are some injuries for which it is not so favorable.

From novamedicum We recommend you to carry out a biomechanical study to know your tread thoroughly and to consult all your doubts.

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